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Jargon Restaurant

What is Jargon, exactly? Well, we’ll dispense with the technical definitions and tell you that for us, it’s the language of the places we’ve been, music we’ve heard, books we’ve read, people we’ve met, and conversations we’ve had. Jargon is the language of delicious food, and here, we want to celebrate all those things. So we’ve built a place and a commitment to exactly that.

Located in a small historic building in the heart of West Asheville, we’ve lovingly restored a small, nationally registered historical building at 715 Haywood Road to house this little dream. Like the turn-of-the century electric trolleys that transported people here to West Asheville’s variety of shops, boutiques, and cafes, we hope that Jargon will be one of your favorite stops.

While we’d consider our cuisine “American” to reflect a melting pot of beautiful diversity, we emphasize global or “of the continents” as the muse for our menu. We start with the absolute best possible locally sourced ingredients and then mix in some creativity and passion. Our knowledgeable and passionate staff is dedicated to making your experience at Jargon a delightful and memorable one, and we hope to see you here.